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An Award-winning comic 'True Love'
made for International Comic Festival 'VELES 2014'

Kirsi Salonen

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a showcase of dark and horror related artworks!


New personal comic 'Anim&Alice', winner of 'BEST SCRIPT' -award at 'Veles 2015', International Comic Festival at Macedonia

Below is one of my art lectures on Youtube for the first time and the subject is "Digital Art & Expression", it's subtitled in English, please enjoy!


Short News:

16th of December, 2015

  • Greetings everyone and happy approaching holidays and New Year!
  • I've mainly been active for the last 6 months on the social media side and uploaded new works to my official facebook art page, and I regret I've neglected my own website for too long.
  • Today I add lots of new illustrations and sharing some news from the past few months and refresh the outlook of the site a bit

14th of June 2015 (update time!)

  • Long time since my latest official update!
    The first attempt to crowd-fund the first batch of 'Ordera -'Exsilium' didn't reach the minimum goal for it to be fully published, so I'm sorry to let you know the book is still on the hold - but next round is coming and plans for a new campaign is underway :)
  • Adding new works to galleries during the next few days

Have a great summer and stay creative!

17th-19th of March 2015

  • Updating site and adding new artworks 18-19th of March

  • Revealing Finnish excerts from my book 'Ordera - Exsilium' on its official page on Facebook also on 18th of March!

  • I am taking print orders!
    Feel free to send me an enquiry of the painting you wish to see framed on your wall, I will reply as soon as I can, all requests please write to salonen.kirsi@gmail.com

  • Lots of other news also been happening lately!
    A special exhibition of my grandfather Tapio Rautavaara is held until 25th of September at the Finland's National Sports Museum at Helsinki - go see it when you have the chance. It's a beautiful showcase of his career and character as a well-known and beloved singer, athlete and movie star in Finnish history.

  • My career as a make-up artist also has improved as I got the amazing opportunity to create the special make-up effects to a music video for a Finnish band 'Raaka-aine' and their new single 'Kuolematon' ('Immortal' in English)

    - Check out link to the beautiful video produced by Vanir Productions and the process of the make-up at the Make-Up Art -gallery

  • Uploaded one of my art lectures on Youtube for the first time and the subject is 'Digital Art & Expression', feel free to share it and leave a comment on Youtube!

8th of February 2015

  • 'ORDERA Exsilium - Maanpako' - the first book (out of four) of my longterm fantasy project started its crowdfunding campaign at Mesenaatti. me to publish the first Finnish edition of the series.
    he campaign will last for the next 3 months, until 8th of May 2015 and it has started really well! I thank you for all kinds of support and help to bring the book out as a fabulous and illustrated piece of adventure, mystery and art! :)

31sth of January, 2015

  • Held a wonderful 1,45 h lecture of Digital Painting and Storytelling at the Agora Center (University of Jyväskylä) at Beatcon 2015 -festival , it was a really great experience and met wonderful new people from the Finnish game industry and all around the world.

8th of January 2015

  • Happy New Year to all!
    There is also a lot of sadness involved and my heart cried for the 12 people who were killed in Paris. It is an unbearable injustice and wrong that is hard to accept.

  • 'Ordera' unfortunately didn't get a full publishing contract from Finland last year despite high hopes, so in this month there's going to be a full donation campaign launch, so I could bring you the perfect first batch of the first book of four called 'EXSILIUM - MAANPAKO'. I will update you further after few days and how you can help me making it happen!
    It's a special publication with full-coloured illustrations within it, so you can't imagine a more beautiful fantasy book, that I can promise :)
  • I will be holding a Master Class lecture at Jyväskylä on 31th of January in a huge Game & Music Event, will update more of this soon!

9th of October 2014:

    A comic I made in collaboration with a Macedonian writer Aleksandar Stevanov has won the 2nd Award in Best Comic in the International Comic Festival " VELES 2014", which was held in Veles, Macedonia this fall.
    You can find a list of links and articles written of the event on this mainpage!
  • My dark fantasy saga 'Ordera' is currently being reviewed with a publisher so before I know better you can explore its world on its renewed website!

  • Updating more paintings within the next few days"

11th of September 2014:


13th of April, 2014:

  • Been so busy making new paintings that updates have been on hold, sorry for that!
  • My long-term project fantasysaga 'Ordera' has been without news for too long, so I'm going to renew its own website shortly, adding plenty of new character paintings and illustrations, sceneries and small chapters of the story, the search for a publisher is underway again
  • Adding new works to Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Speedpaintings and also updated the website banner
  • Had the honour of appearing on Finnish tv-show 'NEO', talking about digital painting with a Finnish artist colleague Sirkku Tuomela on 16th of March ,
  • Here you find the article of the NEO interview (Finnish)
  • Have a beautiful and energy-filled springtime!

8th of February, 2014:

11th of November, 2013:

27-28th of September 2013:

  • Updating my CV here after a long time and adding new images to Dark Fantasy -gallery!
  • Unfortunately had to cancel an art exhibition reserved for January 2014 at TaideTupa Pikku-Selma, Kuusankoski, Finland.

25th of September, 2013:

  • The publishing contract with Radical Publishing (Radical Studios) ended and now 'ORDERA' is ready to find another publishing house. The story consists of 4 parts and now I'm currently developing 4 prequel parts to complete the saga.

28th of June, 2013:

  • A cover art commission for Candlewick Press is revealed at the Commissions - gallery, check it out!
  • Just confirmed a new art exhibition coming up in January 2014 at TaideTupa PIkkuSelma, Kuusankoski, Finland, very big show coming up! :)
  • I apologise the delay for releasing the recorded lecture about Digital Expression, hel at Lappeenranta in April - the video will be up for viewing as soon as humanely possible
  • More updates and works will be added during July!

9th of April, 2013

  • Art Exhibition at Lappeenranta's Main Library starting 10th of April until the end of the month!
  • Selected 27 large sized high quality prints for sale, all personally signed!
  • On the opening day 10th of April I'm also holding a 1 hour lecture about Digital Expression at 18.00, in the Music Hall, the lecture will be recorded by Vanir Productions and will become available online (with English subtitles)!
  • Welcome to listen and take a tour on fantasy and dark art! :)

27th of February, 2013

16-19th of January, '13

  • Lots of updates, new frontpage banner, compiling a Make-Up Art portfolio which I reveal soon, adding new commissions and personal works to galleries
  • Removing the Pencil Works Gallery,
    I no longer work with pencils in general and it's been there for ages
  • Illustrations and development of my fantasy saga ' ORDERA' restarts soon with Radical Publishing, it's been a long 2 years of wait but all is well and the first book will be out as soon as possible!
  • I'm holding an art lecture at Kouvola (Kansalaisopisto), in Finnish on February 13th, 18.00 - 20.15 !
    It's free and you're welcome to come and listen and meet me up there and see my works, while I talk about Digital Art and the challenges and views of being a professional artist.

9th of July, 2012

  • New Gallery revealed, it's that cute BLACK DRAGON-icon!! So take a look at Works In Progress. You'll see a whole series I'm currently working on and some other unfinished paintings.

8th of July, 2012

3rd of July, 2012

  • Sorry, sorry, sorry for my absence! I'm updating a lot of works done this recent year, firstly today the Digital Paintings -gallery!!
  • I'm now also a professional MAKE-UP ARTIST!! I graduated from Finnish Make-Up & Styling Academy called Headhouse this summer :)
  • The London Olympics 2012 are soon on and I was priviledged to participate creating huge posters for the event working with Picasso Pictures.
  • There's going to be a new gallery here and some layout changes for the next couple of days
  • Thanks for your long patience and have a beuatiful summer!!

28th of June, 2011

  • Big interview in local newspapers Etelä-Saimaa and Kouvolan Sanomat! See them here and here

16th of June, 2011

18th of April, 2011

28th of January, 2011

  • Updated Commissions -gallery, 13 new works! Take a look :)

13th of July

  • Radical Publishing presents a massive preview of Ordera at Comic Con 2010 at San Diego convention center!!
    Check out the official poster with the new gorgeous logo:

4th of July, 2010

  • Ordera's long saga has proudly joint with Radical Publishing and the first novel 'Exsilium' will come on out as fully illustrated in 2011, hang on until then!!


  • Was interviewed to a weekly Finnish magazine NYT( # 4-10.6.2010) by friend and photographer Tatu Lertola. Enjoyed our conversations very much, thank you :)

    Digital version of the article here!

22nd of May 2010

27th-29th of April '10

16th of February '10

  • Exciting new things happening! as I've broadened my genre from fantasy to surrealism, and to celebrate thit great occasion I've set up a gallery for the first works, take a looK at them at Dark Surrealism -gallery (it may not always be 'dark', but it works for now)

  • More paintings will be added in next few days to also Digital Paintings-gallery!

25th of January 2010

20th January 2010

6th of January 2010!

29th of December '09

  • Ordera's site gone through plenty of updates! Finnish versions following very soon!

23rd of December!

  • spending holiday, update delayed, sorry but you have to wait until the 27th day to see new stuff! Check out my Facebook -page until then, you find the link at the bottom of this page!
  • Also don't forget about Ordera's Fan Page in Facebook! Join as a fan and support my project :)

21st of December 2009

  • Happy holidays everyone!! I'm updating the site between 21-23st of December so stay tuned to see a lot more new artworks and news from these last couple of months!

    In the meanwhile, take a look at this little winterly holiday card I made for you all, enjoy it!!

21st of October:

17-19th of October 2009

8th of September '09

19th of July '09

  • Updating Speedpaintings gallery

15th -17th of July '09

1st of June '09

April 22nd '09

  • Updated biography a bit & changed the banner

March '09

  • Article written to It's Art forum Think Digitally - read it here
  • Latest piece received a an Award from It's Art forum!! :)
  • updating CV, Prints + added widget to frontpage to ease up updates
  • finishing up tutorial about new painting "Marked Traveller"
  • concidering adding a blog here, since there's so much to talk about beside the visual fireworks ;)

18th of February '09

25th of February '09

18th of February '09

  • Major update on site within a few days, new additions to paintings, comics,speedies, mixed media,cv and awards, stay tuned :)

Visit Ordera's new website!

- Characters now available to review!! Prologues opening soon in English!

Go there now!

6th of January '09

  • First off, my site's gonna be changing during this January - since now I got a new website provider and LOADS of storage room
  • So there's gonna be lots of new features, pics and info especially about "Ordera"
  • The book itselfwill be out soon in Finnish and through online purchasing, but I'll do my best to add English content and information to special Ordera's upcoming website.

  • Latest special and beautiful It's Art -magazine's out now and I'm featured there with a massive interview and loads of artworks. Take a look and at the edition through HERE! =)

  • I'm proud to be part of the artists at new online shop for digital art called Kboomm.
  • So you can finally purchase some of my prints there - will be adding more and more artworks over time as well :)


19th of November '08

  • Read about Ordera's special prologue here!

  • I hope I can provide some more insight in English in days to come, but first it'll be presented in Finnish language through my website - so stick along and maybe there's a way to make both happen soon.

  • Ahh. First snow and lot's of things happened in my life during the past weeks. Guess the climate change isn't so bad after all... ;)

  • Finished an interview for It's Art Magazine for their first issue coming up in January 2009, looking forward to see this special edition they plan on.


    21st of October '08

    Lots have happened in a month and much more still to come! Yay!

    • Updated Awards and Publications & News - categories

    • ImagineFX #36 has my big Speedpainting Workshop article, hopefully I'll be placing an online link for it soon

    • I'm now a member of the Skinnis.com, visit there!

    • Participating to a great challenge at Its Art-forum themed "We Humans", here's my entry

    • Black Halo Entertainment competes at Zuda.com with comic of Kahbi (World of Chi Chronicles), artist - me of course.
      - sign there to cast a vote for us! =)

    • Ordera makes its first 'public' stunt when I talk about it in a certain fantasy book reviewer's blog soon

    • Flame Tree Publishing's gonna include many of my dragon-related works to it's upcoming Collection of Dragons - book.
      - it also will include a small tutorial of one of my latest speedpaintings entitled "Eversor"


    23th of September

    had to remove temporarily Concept Art-section because of a certain current competition's restrictions, please stay patient.

    19th of September 2008:

    Updated site:
    - added Close-buttons to the first page in Digital paintings, will be adding them to everywhere too as I find the time, so there's no more pop-ups! yeaah.

    - and added 3 new works to Digital Paintings

    bit later follows new works to Pencil Works & Speedpaintings -categories


    18th of September:

    Massive interview with 'Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews' - read the article

    Made a Sketchbook at my profile at Itsartmag.com, looks very cool and added lots of unseen sketches there!

    New coverart commission for 3 upcoming fantasybooks

    Planning about adding special Portraits -category for the site


    July 2008

    Interview with 2D Artist magazine
    Read the complete interview

    Working on conceptart for "Cockfighter" - the movie with Remington Scott

    - making comic for great guys of Black Halo Entertainment; the story of Victoria DeLorme

    23th of July

    - updated site, added new works to Commissions and Personal paintings -galleries, finally!
    - tomorrow adding new stuff to Speedpaintings

    - hurrying up for Exotique 4, got time to finish just one painting for it.. so I keep my fingers crossed :)

    ~ --- ~
    27th of June 2008

    - Currently working with director Remington Scott, making initial concept art for his amazing modern day fairy tale screenplay "the Cockfighter".

    - Scheduled interview with Corel Painter official magazine for possibly August'08 issue, awesome!

    - Added 3d artist Markus Vogt's homepage to my Links-section, thanks Markus!

    - Interview with 2d Artist magazine completed, looking forward seeing the article!

    - busybusy.. managing timetables and finishing unfinished projects asap. Not so easy to be a freelancer!

    23th of June 2008

    -- Decided to remove the Prints- possibility for temporarily, at least for couple of months. Unfortunately I don't have the freetime to manage printing and posting myself. Sorry for this, everyone!

    23rd of May '08

    -Added details to "Prints" -section.
    - Scheduled interview with 2d Artist magazine to this July's issue, yay!
    - Finished commission painting of Alexander the Great, will be added on site shortly.
    - currently working with upcoming MMO online game character concepts and "Fallen Angel" comics.

    13th of May '08

    Created a new category "Web Tutorials". You can see fast overviews how I create different quick paintings and moods. Currently just one process viewable, but hope you find it still enjoyable.

    10th of May

    -Refreshed some site appearance.
    - Updated CV
    - Added new works to
    Commissions, Personal Paintings & Speedpaintings, enjoy!

    (9th of May)
    Still updating... Totally Friday-night stuff, lol!

    May 2008,
    - I got the honour being awarded with Silver (Excellence) award in Exposé 6's Portrait (painted) category! This girl is too happy now!

    - Working with comic project "Fallen Angel" in collaboration with Gökalp Bayramli.

    - Getting ready working with Black Halo Entertainment's 2nd comic story of a complex twisted person named Victoria, so exciting!

    April 2008
    - Smirk& Dagger Games now have the piece "Din" in one of their gamecards as an illustration, check those cool games out!

    - Working on a remaked Alexander the Great painting as individual commission, it will be huge!

    March 2008
    Finnish metalband "Teräsbetoni"
    rides to Eurovision, got the pleasure creating a shirt for them!