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Art Therapy, in Finnish Taideterapia

I graduated as a solution-focused visual art therapist in January 2021 (at Tampere, Alfa Partners Academy), and since then I've deepened and developed my own approach with visual therapeutic methods and ways of thinking and experiencing life. How I could make a positive difference to my own and other people's psychological issues? Art therapy worked not just for myself, but can also drastically help those who are not so in touch with their 'inner artists', or could use another perspective and approach in their daily lives. It can be a key to a deeper, more grounded sense of self, and generally increases well-being and can solve hidden traumas, which some can be nearly impossible to solve otherwise.

My approach so far has been careful and minimal, since above all else, I consider myself as an artist, and not a therapist, but as life experience has taught me, it is possible to have the good from 'both worlds' and find a balance between a scientific approach to life and purely artistic one. Making comics (Elven Talk) has been my way of handling that difference. Also a spiritual path has been found, however faint that path sometimes seems to be :)

So, if you need help in your life and you think art therapy might work for you, please contact me and maybe I can help you out. Art therapy is short-term therapy and it can be done from home, office, across the country and in person. Obviously not everyone can come see me in Finland, so long-distance councelling is the only option.

Write to me to learn more about the methods and processes of solution-focused art therapy. Here's a Link to my Finnish Art Therapy website, which is still partly under construction, please be patient with it. I apologise for not being able to provide an English version of it.