This all started in 2018, while I was studying solution-focused art therapy.
It was at first a method of personal stress-relief and various imaginary dialogues between the elves,
to introduce challenges and relationships of people in a more light-hearted way.

First part of the page is about my visual art therapy colouring book project, which will take time before it's big enough to be compiled as a
coherent storybook, but I share the sketches here, all but the cover here are made with pencils (with a few exceptions which are refined digitally).

The second half of the page is about short comics trips or funny notes from my notebook,
hopefully at some point I will 'ink' them all properly and keep on doing these little strips, because it's fun to make them on my sparetime, and they seem to cheer others up too.


all works © Kirsi Salonen 2018-2021 ->


This is so far I've come with the sketches. Hopefully I can continue this project into completion soon
and get it published and available for everyone:)



Short comic strips with elves :















..More will come..