Book cover art for Australian author Tony Shillitoe's fantasy trilogy series 'Jaysin's Song: The Last Wizard Book Three'.

!!Very rare tutorial video available on Kirsi's channel on Youtube!!


Multiple recent cover artworks coming very soon done in 2020-21!

Stay tuned, thank you for your patience!







Licenced artwork for a book anthology 'Exterus Omnibus', compiled by Owen Wears,
available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.


Another licenced artwork for book anthology by Robert N. Stephenson

Cover art for Nightmare -magazine


Cover art for Macedonian comic magazine 'Kreator' #29, behind a spread of 'Anim&Alice' -comic that was included to issue#24



Cover art jacket for G.A.A Deadwick's 'The Epics of Uruk' -series

Cover arts for Patricia Vonier's fantasy trilogy 'Lichtgefährten'




Below the three cover arts for Brian Keene's 'Lost Level' -trilogy

You may purchase all the books from

Cover arts for Margo Ander's 'Legend of the Spider Prince' -book series (#2 yet unpublished)


CD album cover for Greek metal band 'Sacred Blood' - Argonautica


CD album cover (backside) for Greek metal band 'Sacred Blood' - Argonautica

Also illustrated the CD inside lyric leaflet.


Promotional poster for Kirsi's epic Finnish fantasy novel 'Ordera', in 2010.
She separated ways from the publisher 'Radical Publishing' for heavy reasons, and her book still looks for a new publisher.


Cover art jacket for Susann Cokal's 'Kingdom of Little Wounds', by Candlewick Press. Available from Amazon.




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