My work 'Recall' won the hugely respected Choice Award in CGTalk.com!

My piece "Handling Chaos" was awarded by entering April's Hall of Fame in CG Gallery at Itsartmag.com

October 2008
"Golden panda"
piece received also an Excellence award at 3dtotal.com

March 2009
"Marked Traveller" was awarded by entering It's Art's Hall of Fame

Was selected in second place as the Artist of the
Year in 'It's Art' art forum.

Awarded with an Excellence Award in 3DTotal -forum
for work 'Apis Soulraider'

------- Curriculum vitae ------

Curriculum Vitae

Profession: Visual artist (Bachelor of Fine Arts),
Make-Up Artist

Nationality: Finnish
Language skills: English (Excellent), Finnish
(Native language)


Professional Make-Up Artist, graduated from Finnish 'HeadHouse - MakeUp & Styling Academy' , 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts (specialized in multimedia),
South-Carelia Polytechnic Art School, graduated 2006.

Kymenlaakso folk high school, line of visual expression 2001-02

Valkeala high-school, graduated 2001

Independent Freelancer since 2004.

-Specialized in areas of Concept art, Character design, Digital painting, Speed painting
and Illustration using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter
as well as traditional mediums and photography.

- Since graduating as a MakeUp Artist I have developed high interest in fashion
and creating Special Make-Ups (creatures, special effects, body & facepainting and horror/fantasy makeups).

Misc information

I'm from a medium-sized city of Kouvola, and been into art since the age of two
and self educated in the area of digital art.
From 2007 I started writing and illustrating my own dark fantasy saga 'Ordera',
and since 2010 it's been in the process of completion as an international release
by Radical Publishing Inc.(US), but due to unresolved differences the contract was terminated in September 2013 and I'm now looking for another publishing house.

Work history

Commercial works:

A Special Make-Up Artist for an Irish postrock band
'God Is An Astronaut', for their new music video
'Reverse World', from album 'Origins'. Employer
Vanir Productions (Finland)

Illustrated four jumbo-sized street posters as
part of the promotional campaign for London
summer Olympics 2012, in collaboration with a
selected group of international artists. Employer
Picasso Pictures (UK).

Promotional poster for a shortmovie 'Below',
written and directed by Mike Blum. Employed by
Pipsqueak Films (US).

an illustration for a customised poker table

Metallic Light & Effects -tutorial for Official Corel
Painter Magazine, October's Issue. Employer Corel.
Custom Brush Tutorial for 2D Artist magazine,
October's issue

Illustration for a customised poker table

Speedpainting tutorial for Imagine FX -magazine
(UK), October's issue '08 #36

February 2008
- A t-shirt illustration for promoting Finland's
competing song for Eurovision – song contest. The
song's called "Missä miehet ratsastaa" (Where the
men ride), performed by a Finnish metalband
'Teräsbetoni'. Employer JT-Music.

October 2006
- Christmas calendar-illustration commission for
Nordea-bank (Finland), commissioned by Circus
Customer relations ( aka Taivas Advertising )
- Stamp illustration for Nordea-bank

July 2006
Advertisement Illustration commissioned by Circuscustomer
relations company (aka Taivas
advertising ). Work consisted of four illustrations
using tarot-card style for client Rastor Oy (Adult
Education Center)
Card-art & Gameart

2013: 5 roleplaying game card illustrations for a
game called 'Sphinx', employed by Cryptozoic
Entertainment (US)
June 2009:
Cover art published in Smirk&Dagger games box
"Cutthroat Caverns: Tomb and Tomes Expansion
Pack 3"

June 2005
Work commission for Fantasy Flight Games Inc.
Four illustrations to a role play card game called "A
Game of Thrones".

Character designing to a online role playing game
called "The five Pillars"

Concept art:

Preliminary movie concept artworks for screenplay
"Cockfighter", fantasy fairytale written by Academy
Award Winner Remington Scott
link: http://www.kirsisalonen.com/concepts.htm

From May 2009 --> september 2009
Concept Character designing for screenplay / fantasy
book project "Stain" , employed by Ryan O.Hershey.
18 characters in total.

From April 2007 to December 2008
Concept illustrations for "World of Chi" – fantasy
project, written by Lewis. B. Walker. Employed by
Black Halo Entertainment (US).

July 2006 to March 07
Concept artist for Finnish gamehouse Tuonela
Productions for PC-game project entitled "Dusk",
but the production was forced to be cancelled.

April to May 2006.
Worked for Finnish Animation studio Osmo
Production as concept artist for a 3d-animation film
"The Legend of King Nal". Made 13 conceptual
illustrations for the movie.
Books, Album and Misc Cover arts & Illustrations

Cover art illustration and design for a fantasy novel
'Legend of the Spider Price: Rebel' (first book of
7), written and employed by Margo Ander (US).

Album cover art for a Greek metalband Sacred Blood
for their new album 'Argonautica'

A full jacket coverart commission for a young adult
novel 'Kingdom of Little Wounds', written by
Susann Cokal. Employed by Candlewick Press

Cover art for a fantasy novel 'The Lost Level',
employed by Apex Publications (US).

A cover art for an album 'Deathbed Poetry: Hope
Against Hope' for a band Deuteronomium.
Employed by Bullroser Records.

My 'Alexander the Great' -painting was selected as
a cover art for a special Inspiration Edition of an
international hotelchain Oberoi Group's magazine.
(August's Issue)

Cover art for fantasy novel by Donald Drake entitled
"Book One of the Chronicles of the Kings of

2009 :
Cover art & card art for roleplay card -game
"Cutthroat Caverns", published by Smirk & Dagger
Inc. (US)

A family of lot-illustrations for a design competition for
Finnish national lottery company Veikkaus Oy,
employed by Ox Design.

September 2007
Cover art for book series called 'Shadow Knight' by
Ursula Warnecke

June 2007
Album cover art illustrations for Norwegian band
Tomorrow's Outlook for their album ' 34613'
and also for an American whitemetal band Faith
Factor for their album 'Against the darkened sky'

Three Book cover Art employed by Altair
Australia's Books for a fantasy saga "Andrakis"
-trilogy, written by Tony Shillitoe.

Cover art to a novel "We would be heroes" , written
by Robert N. Stephenson. Employed by Altair
Australia Books.
Private Commissions & graphic design

Private commission painting for a Finnish client
Marko Konka.

Private commission speedpainting for an Italian client
Carlo Licini.

A large digitally painted printed painting of Alexander
the Great for Autralian client Tony Dimoski.

May 2007
Private commission painting titled "Auntie Dian's
Spiritual Duty" for an American client Dean Chin.

March 2007
Commission painting and lineart drawings for

November '05 to April '06
Worked as graphic designer for advertising company
Sesam Production at Lappeenranta, Finland

October 2005
Private commission work titled as "Angmar the

December 2006
Private commission work titled as "Protection from
Death" for an American client Dean Chin.

Comic Art:

A poster illustration for a graphic novel 'Earp: Saints
For Sinners', employed by Radical Publishing Inc.

May 2009:
Main artist in comic project "Thunder & Reign" for
Black halo Entertainment Inc. (US)

Summer 2008:
Comic artist for John Cruppe's "Fallen Angel"
-graphic novel with collaboration of artist Gökalp
Bayramli. The project was cancelled due to timetable

December 2007
Main Artist for the short comic story for Black Halo
entertainment titled "Kahbi's story", written by
Lewis B. Walker.

Awards and Notifications

Awarded with an Excellence Award in 3DTotalforum
for work 'Apis Soulraider'

First place in a competition themed 'Strange Place'
in 'It's Art'-forum, with the work 'Cyclone Chamber'.

Was selected in second place as the Artist of the
Year in 'It's Art' art forum.

March 2009
"Marked Traveller" -piece was awarded by entering
It's Art-forum's Hall of Fame

October 2008:
"Golden panda" -piece received an Excellence
award at 3Dtotal.com

May 2008:
”Golden Panda" included in Ballistic Publishing's
'Exposé 6'- digital art collection and received an
Excellence award.

March 2007
”Recall” -piece received a Choice Award in

May 2007
"Handling Chaos" -piece was awarded by entering
April's Hall of Fame in CG Gallery at Itsartmag.com

May 2007:
Ranked as 4th and awarded with Certification of
Excellence at International CGOverdrive 2007
-conference at Singapore, in theme on "War &
Peace", with work 'Recall'.
Exhibitions & interviews & publications

April-May 2013:
Interview with two local newspapers PK and Vartti.

28.6. 2011:
Interview to a local news paper Kouvolan Sanomat.

# 4-10.6. 2010:
Interview to a national entertainment magazine NYT.
Interviewer & photographer Tatu Lertola

Several works included in Ballistic Publishing's
'Expose 8' -collection (Apis Soulraider, Cyclone
Chamber, Azaziel)

Started writing and creation of own fantasy saga
'Ordera', a contract was signed 2010 with American
Radical Publishing (aka Radical Studios) for
international publishing to make the project into a 4
part graphic novel and adapted into film.

Several dragon-related works included into
Flametree Publishing's (UK) 'Dragon Art' -book
and also a painting tutorial. (Works such as Sirad
Nox, Fallen Empire, Sunrider, Everson and Brave
a link to the book:

Ballistic Publishing's 'Exotiqué 5 -collection
included two of my paintings (Desert Sand and
Phantom Link)

Interview in It's Art -magazine issue 3 (2008)
My article "Think Digitally" published in It's Art
Link: http://www.itsartmag.com/features/ksthinkdigitally/

January 2009:
Cover artwork in a Polish 'Nowa Fantastyka'
-magazine issue 23) 2, 2009

November '08
the prologue & intruductory article about my fantasy
book project "Ordera" at "DarkWolf's Fantasy
(Ordera's own website) :

November '08
interview in Official Corel Painter Magazine issue

September '08:
Interview with "Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews"
- Piece "You sang to me" was included in Ballistic
Publishing's book 'Exotiqué 3'.

July '08
Interview in 2D Artist -Magazine issue 31 (July)

November '07:
Interview to a Greek Concept art-magazine Bitter
squid with Etra Publishing.

July 2007
Featured in July's issue of CG Chosen Magazine

March 2007
Art Scene International - magazine features me in
their issue # 72

March 2007
Its Art -magazine features me in their April's issue

July 2005
Tutorial article about digital painting in Photoshop to
a Finnish digital photography-magazine "Pikseli"
(#7/ 2005)

Exhibitions & Lectures:

A lecture about Digital Art at Kymi Folk School,
Inkeroinen, Finland.

13.2. 2012:
A lecture about Digital Painting at Kouvola's folk
school, Kouvola, Finland.

11-30.4. 2013.
A private exhibition and lecture on the opening day
about Digital Expression at the Main Library of
Lappeenranta, Finland

May 2006
School graduation exhibition show at Imatra's Art
museum, Imatra.

September 2006
Art exhibition show at Kaapelitehdas -gallery,
Helsinki, Finland,
with personal works "Great and fearless",
"Something was left behind", "A Good Dream",
"Release these chains" and "Celestial Brothers" all
printed on large canvas.

Participated to Kymenlaakso folk school's annual
ceremony exhibition as an honour guest with two
works (A Good Dream, Something was left behind)

3-28.5. 2005:
A group exhibition called 'Culture is an Alternative' at
Koria, Finland.

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