-- Apis Soulraider --


The very first 'villain' concept painting of a character belonging to my massive 4-part fantasy book project "Ordera".


Name is everything to a sentini. Apis is a spiritual expert, third in command after Leonis Blackwing and before Aldebaran Solistatis. In total there's 9 of the sentinis left in whole Nezca, their war with their previous masters (shawans) have turned the whole land to a bloody and toxic battlefield of survival, where none is safe and open prey for the sentini's allies 'lapis' -hunters.
These heavily armored lords of the shadow, dreams and magick's residence is Sirad Nox, a massive fortress which shawans cursed and abandoned centuries ago as the 'graveyard of the dead gods'.

So before chatting too much and since all of them are going to be painted with extreme detail,  I'll just leave Apis's personal description as this:

"Riseth the Spirit, the stellar of the skies."


© Kirsi Salonen 2010 - all rights reserved -