-- Azaziel --

Between the binding lights and arcade walls,
in hollow grounds of long lost calls; I am.

As flows the tears of sunset,
so tomorrow cries,
for the day can never be free,
just like I am the Fallen;
the blaming of the Seed.

It sleeps within me;
the bird Earta;
who never has poisoned words of any God,
nor has stolen nothing of me.
It sleeps like a dream,
it beholds the Peace.

I must wait and welcome the pain,
It`s my calling,
it carries my name. 
Sister; I have fallen,
Brothers; o how I`ve ailed! 
How long do you lie to keep me even below Despair?

But never have I loved so dearly against my own will.
Never have I done nothing but loved the Man and the Earth.
O High Ra, the Seer of Truth;
  who ever lured Apep out?
It has devoured the whole world!



© Kirsi Salonen 2010 - all rights reserved -