-- The Cyclone Chamber --

Winner Challenge piece to It's Art forum to a theme of "Unknown Place"-

Thank you ♥

I got a description finally for it too.. by the time I painted this, it didn't come to me in that way I wanted it to be described,
so I just would say that it tells about the forces inside of more powerful forces who always struggle for dominance,
but the other cannot be greater than the other,
however cards can turn over and something small and insignificant
might change the outcome of this 'duel' of controversies.


"I am you;
the darker side you run from,

I am you;
the sun in your eyes turn me blind,

I am you;
thrust the blade inside so that I could feel my soul,

so that I can finally become closer to you,

my beloved,
the one I hold so far and so close,
the one I fear and the one who's cold;
o' brother death;
let's battle until our dreams unfold."


© Kirsi Salonen 2010 - all rights reserved -