Celestial Brothers

And the Lord said: 'And you must go to the Gates of Hell and tell them, that what ever punishment they have for you, is just and good. For you have unpure blood flowing in your veins. It went murky the day your brother turned his back on me and you didn't raise your hand against him as he walked away.
For you are weak amongst my sheep.

Go now, and be strong in your faith in me, then your torment
will be less painful."

He was thrown in the middle of Helllords, demons, banshees and warped creatures, who ripped his wings apart and sliced his ivory skin with their rusty bloodfilled blades and poisonous teeth.

Thousand years passed, as he crawled among the tormented souls as a slave and served as common amusenment for the Lords of Hell.

Then one day, they got bored with his fragile body, who couldn't stand much pain without screaming, so they tossed him to the Fire God, as a gift and trophee, as once being one of God's favourite children.

As the fiery arms embraced him, his heart-aching scream echoed through the dimensional planes and freezed the air
as icy cold and then even Hell had a moment of stillness.
His heart shattered to a million pieces and the small flame of will dimmed away in his beautiful eyes. No more he believed, no more he loved, his body shook and gave up.

One heard the howling above the red clouds of this wretched land and decended riding with Black Wings to see the reason of such horrid voice.
The Storm Lord saw his brother in the fire. Tears began to flow over his cold cheaks

as he pulled out his sword and rushed to meet his fate..

© Kirsi Salonen 2006