Handling Chaos

There is a lot going on in this work that needs some explanation..
Chaos is the horse. Why? Because it's a symbol of freedom, servant, power, wildness, speed... And it's unpredictable, furious and gets scared easily, like the water's surface breaks and spreads as you touch it.
Peace rides on Chaos. He's blind and weak, tired for constant survival, he gets cuts everywhere he goes. But his wings help him escape from the places he can't survive. But now he's found himself tangled with Chaos, which he thought he could handle and master its will.
But Chaos cannot be controlled. It doesn't bow or bend for anyone.
The woman is War. Her heart is fierce and brave and she believes in control and victory. She believes she's doing the right thing by capturing Chaos and saving Peace.
Beneath them flows The Red River, filled with the blood of those who tried to control the things they can't. The stream is endless and eternal.

This piece is in the April's Hall of Fame at itsartmag.com