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Golden panda

These animals are for real, they are actually called red pandas, or lesser pandas. I'vehad a soft spot in my heart for them since I was veeery little so just couldn't help myself for doing a tribute for these wonderful creatures. They are also highly endangered species these days and needs a lot of help to survive.. back in the 60-70's, people took the wild pandas as pets because of their kind and non-aggressive nature. So the result is that wild pandas are nowhere to be found.. they only mate ONCE a year in just one day. Believe that?

By the end of year 2008I'm planning a whole series of paintings that represent the world's most endagered species. It's a bit by bit become like a true calling which I can't get rid of. Hopefully next image will get a similar welcoming all over the world as this one.

The two are painted in PS and smoothed up in Painter, but mostly just in PS. The backgound is combination of couple of dark photos from my backyard, it served some good textures that fit the piece nicely.

This piece appears as full-page imagein Exposé 6, a book series from Ballistic Publishing.
It's also awarded with an Excellence -award in Portrait (painted) -category,

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