Morning Star

"Metallic Effects and Lights"- tutorial paintingfor Official Corel Painter magazine, September issue ( #34) 2009. You can read the full article by going to Painter Magazine's official website:

Some extra backbone to the story behind it:

"Come what may, I shall not step aside.
Come what may, baby, sleep with a sense of desire.

Your each path leads to my castle,
each dream to my domain,
Each heart is a new life to feed,
and each love that cries, cries for me, in vain..

Look and be in awe, babe, yet these words are carefully chosen for you.
I'm not the one who you should be talking to.

For nothing pierces through this armor,
no sunshine can overlay this oilblack shadow,

for my Brethrens are always here,
so never shall this soul get to heal..

never, since I've grown in a world of fear,

Where my face is always saluted, never judged,
always just as appraised, never before so welcomed;

so I can't retaliate, nor step aside,
since my thoughts are shrouded as a mind divided.

And yet.. whenever you hear me call,
I call because my heart wouldn't forget,
to ask if you'd be the one to understand:

"I never wanted to place any bet."


© Kirsi Salonen 2009, all rights reserved!