Phantom Link

This is a tribute to one of the most legendary characters of all time, Link. I've created a new setting for him, but all's made with the spirit of the Hyrule.

The piece was included to latest Ballistic Publishing's "Exotique 5" -series.


Here's a personal poem for it, enjoy and be inspired :)

- Come Dream -

"Come my brother; come my dream.
Let's grab these old bones and hold our hearts up high once more.
Meet me at Heaven's forest,
there I wait, there I keep my timeless blade.
Flocks of old ghosts gather like children,
praising words of wisdom they say
and they gnaw,
for the life they lost is forever gone.

Come o' brother famine,
come o' brother death,
come o' brother despair,
come o' brother pain!
Let's share a living dream and be as one,
as we once together loved this place,
where heroes met and danced in the night,
and Moon gazed upon the glorious lands,
and all heroes bathed in its light."

© Kirsi Salonen - all rights reserved -