The Prodigal Son

My latest personal painting. I was fascinated by Collier's "Godiva" -painting and somehow the idea grew from that for this piece. Wanted to achieve a sense of traditional medium in this one.
If you wanna keep the plot in your own imagination, then simply don't scroll down after the detail-image ;). There's a small tale I wrote for this.

The story:

“ My young and foolish prince.. You know it better than anyone that nobody gets away from Hell. And now you want to throw everything away for some silly girl?” So said the bony nidhogg next to his master.
”Shut up you little maggot. If you cannot follow me without constant nagging, then buzz off.
Hell has a doorway out and I shall find it - whatever it takes.”

So he said and rode against the unknown horizon, as a new day breaked once more in that sorrowful place.

After a million questions, tens of thousands miles of search, after all the decisions made out of right and wrong, after all the battles of fear and pain, he saw a door, which could easily be mistaken as a fading dream. It opened easily, without a key. Behind it was a flower, growing red as the hair of that one he loved the most, and the Prince smiled.

Only these words came out as he finally left that dreadful land:
“This was the right door, the door to my heart. At last I can rule myself.”