Protection from Death

Description: Commision work. The idea is best to be explained as below. Dean Chin, owner and creator of this wonderful scene wrote a poem especially for this.

" Hark!
Oh Angel of the Underworld!
Lord of the Abyss!
The Great Darkling from the Void!
What a sight to see
this pillar of moonlight
gives to me

You stand there
made of velvet night
brandishing that silver visage
with wings, graven to the touch,
scream your shadow wide,
cursing those within
their final end.

You say nothing.
You have no need to.
In your domain,
you are alone among the tombstones,
marble mausoleums,
and concrete statues,
fearless, unmoving.

A slight flail of your hand
brings forth a crimson rain.
The first of many storms.

I crouch safely
behind you,
next to the child,
in wondrous awe
of the terror
about to be unleashed,
of the massacre
that is about to take place.

For, you came to save us."

© Poem by Dean Chin, image by Kirsi Salonen 2006 .