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Here's the story for this, which I wrote after the piece was done:

"He walked through thousands of mazes, climbed over heavy and high stonewalls and longest stairs of echoing sadness, only his evergrowing shadow behind him.
Every sound and step he took reminded of her laughter, just to increase the love he felt for her.
It was the sound of spring, the warmth of sun and all that he knew as precious and dear in this world. Never he had a day of tears with her.
The colours she showed him at the time when days seemed to have the cruelest shades of grey and covered in darkness were like discovering himself all over again.
But now she was gone.

Just like a breath fades into thin air she was cast to Hell, for the crimes she did and kept unsaid.. safe and locked within her heart.

Strike me down, for I will cut through the fifty walls of concrete and stones of darkest pits and rooms of torment, fall down and bleed until there is no more blood to shead... I shall get you back.

As she was found, all that lively spirit she once were now were like a dry oasis in a hot desert... almost as dead and fragile as a leaf.. her skin was grey and withered as burnt paper, torn and ripped apart for countless of times.
She bit her own lip as she tried to speak with her demonish sharp teeth.
But he did not care for her appearance, for he would get her back.

In her eyes he could still see the spring and the sleeping sun.


© Kirsi Salonen 2007