Hello there!

Looking for a freelancer for your game/movie project or a cover artist for a novel or for an album or a unique painting on your wall?
I won't disappoint you. My fees are reasonable and most of my clients have been more than pleased with my artworks and working methods. If you need to see my working history (CV), email me directly for further information if you're interested of hiring me for a particular task.

please send all inquiries to salonen.kirsi@gmail.com


How to purchase an Art License and Prints:

The Free Art License (FAL), ( French : Licence Art Libre (LAL) ) is a copyleft license that grants the right to freely copy, distribute, and transform creative works. (source: wikipedia)

When you are interested of licensing an artwork from me to be used for your personal or business related purposes, that means the artist grants the rights for the user of the licensed artwork. This is different than buying a single print copy of a requested artwork, since a license can be used in multiple ways, with the mutual agreement of the purpose of the buyer and the artist.So, Art License pricing varies according to the buyers needs and how the work will be used in terms of distribution, modification and commercial purposes. For a very limited distribution, for example a very limited amount of book edition cover arts (self publication for example), the license for an artwork is a single purchase is 150 euros. When the distribution is wide and commercially oriented, it is only fair for both parties to agree a larger licence fee, and possibly agree on royalties for the use of the artwork and how much it 'pays off'.Minimum price for an art licence is 120 euros. Please contact me for further enquieries by email salonen.kirsi@gmail.com, how to make the best deal for your artistic projects and how my art could best meet your needs.

Below you find the print sizes and prices accordingly.

Please email me the artwork's NAME, size, print material and your postal address to make a valid purchase.

Payment is by Paypal to account salonen.kirsi@gmail.com


inches (in) centimeters (cm) Price EUR
11 x 9 27,9 x 22,9 120
17 x 15 43,2 x 38


over 20 over 50 cm 200
over 39 over 1 m 300

If you would like to make a donation for me to support my art without purchasing artworks,

you can send a donation with a sum of your choice by using PayPal to account salonen.kirsi@gmail.com


Thank you for reading and I wish you Happy Art Shopping! :)