Below is shots taken during the making of 'Kuolematon' ('Immortal' in English) for the music video of Finnish metalband Raaka-aine.

Here's the official single and video, produced by Vanir Productions and written and directed by Kari Salonen:




A step-by-step process of applying special effect makeup for 'God Is An Astronaut's' recent music video 'Reverse World', produced by Vanir Productions.

Watch the fantastic video here:



Examples from practise to final exams
as I graduated as a professional makeup artist from the Finnish Makeup Academy 'Headhouse', 2012.


Green Dragon (face painting)

Golden Demon (bodypainting)

Silver Ghoul (facepainting)

Halloween 2012 - make-ups and effects, progress and final look

Thanks for viewing and please feel free to contact me for feedback, gigs or commissions by emailing me at: salonen.kirsi@gmail.com


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This gallery is meant to showcase the many examples which I've made during the year 2012 and my 5-month period of intense study at a noted Finnish Makeup Academy HEADHOUSE. I graduated as a professional Makeup Artist with flying colours and I anticipate lots of fun on this line of career as much as I have had with digital painting.

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