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Publications & News

News happened during 2007- 2010:


Summer 2010:

Ordera has a publisher after 3 years of making!! Very excited and proud to be part of Radical Publishing and bring that massive novel saga into full life!
the first novel 'Exsilium' will come on out as fully illustrated in 2011, until then hold onto your seats and follow updates!!
See Ordera's beautiful 6-paged preview at International Comic Con this year! Go there and see for yourself!!

Was interviewed to a weekly Finnish magazine NYT( # 4-10.6.2010) by friend and photographer Tatu Lertola. Enjoyed our conversations very much, thank you :)

You can find a digital version of the article here!



Cover art published in Smirk&Dagger games box "Cutthroat Caverns: Tomb and Tomes Expansion Pack 3" :

Cover artwork in Nowa Fantastyka -magazine #23) 2, 2009

May 2009:
Entered to It's Art Magazine's challenge entitled "Control of Nature", here's my entry calle The Six Senses:

June 2009: Justin Lassen's interview in VA magazine and he was great to mention my artwork "Something was left behind" as one of his favourites :)


21st of October '08

- ImagineFX #36 has my big Speedpainting Workshop article, hopefully placing an online link for it soon

- I'm now a member of the, visit there!

- Participating to a great challenge at Its Art-forum themed "We Humans", here's my entry

- Black Halo Entertainment competes at with comic of Kahbi (World of Chi Chronicles), artist - me of course.
- sign there to cast a vote for us! =)

- Ordera makes its first 'public' stunt when I talk about it in a certain fantasy book reviewer's blog soon

- Flame Tree Publishing's gonna include many of my dragon-related works to it's upcoming Collection of Dragons - book.
- it also will include a small tutorial of one of my latest speedpaintings entitled "Eversor"


September 2008:

Massive interview with 'Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews' - read the article

"Golden panda"
got a really warm welcoming at and received an Excellence award there.


July 2008
Interview with 2D Artist magazine
Read the complete interview


May 2008,
- I got the honour being awarded with Silver (Excellence) award in Exposé 6's Portrait (painted) category! This girl is too happy now!

April 2008
- Smirk& Dagger Games now have the piece "Din" in one of their gamecards as an illustration, check those cool games out!

January '08.
Its Art -magazine will publish my works in their honoured Best of 2007 -category in their next issue.

Its Art -magazine's issue #12 has been printed out in both paper and online versions and it has a biggish tutorial article about how I constructed the "Golden panda" -image.
Check the amazing magazine here:

Ballistic Publishing's respected book series Exotique 3 now has my "You sang to me" -piece included.
Check the beautiful book at

July 2007
I'm featured in next upcoming issue of "CG Chosen" - online magazine. There will be a lot of images and a tutorial article about one of my work.
See the site:

July 2007
Ranked in Top 5 in a Exellence Award contest at CGOverdrive 2007
see the winners here:

6th of June, 2007
Participated to Asian huge CG contest, that's arranged by CGOverdrive at Singapore. And just got the news that one of my submission is in the top 5 possible winners.. can't wait 'til 20th day when the winner is announced!

3.5.2007 shows the article that was in Art scene International #72
See it here !!

'Art Scene International '- magazine features me in their March issue's (#72) Epilogue Present -article.

Its Art-magazine features me in their April's issue (#74).

Finnish gaming magazine ' Pelit' publishes big article about Tuonela Productions Inc. Great!


Art exhibition called "Culture is an alternative" at Vartiotupa-Galleria, Koria, Finland. Organized by a Finnish art forum

July 2005
Made a tutorial article about digital painting in Photoshop to a Finnish digital camera-magazine 'Pikseli' (#7/ 2005)

4.4. 2006
Kymenlaakson opiston 110-vuotisjuhlanäyttelyn avajaiset.
Exhibition opening at Kuusankoski here in Finland. Two of my works were printed as 120 x 90 cm on canvas and was displayed nicely in Kuusankoskitalo museum. It was a very enjoyable event!
The show was open until 19th of April

12 - 27.5. 2006
School graduation exhibition show at Imatra Art museum, Imatra.
Opening on Friday 12.5. from 18.00 - 20.00.

6. -16.9. 2006
Art exhibition show at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.
Works such as 'Great and fearless', 'Something was left behind', 'A Good Dream', 'Release these chains' and also 'Celestial Brothers' are being displayed. All works were printed on canvas sized about120 x 85

Chinese 'Fantasy Art' -magazine features my art as a big showcase. The timing is still undefined.

15.10. 2006
My dear new friend and great composer Justin Lassen said awesomely sweet things about my art in October's issue of '3d Creative' -magazine , thanks Justin!